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The Name "SHINBUKAN"- Means....'SHIN BUDO' - Modern Martial Arts - 1868.

The name Shinbukan means
 1) Shinbu: Pronunced Jinmu, was the first Emperor of Japan, crowned at Kashi hara jingu               660 A.D. He conquered and unified Yamato (Ancient Japan).

2) Kan: refers to House or place for noble person.

Shinbukan is Saito Soke's Japanese Cultural and Martial Arts Academy
The name was given to Saito Soke by the 15th Grandmaster of Iga Ryu Ninjustu, Okuse Soke.

The sensei of Shinbukan, Kazuo "Crando" Saito, is the 16th Soke of Iga Ryu Ninjustu and thus 

Shinbukan currently utilizes the crest of Iga Ryu Ninjustu as its Official emblem.

SHIN-BUDO:It is known as modern martial arts,such as judo,karate,kendo,aikido and mental toughness, discipline involved, followers of Shin-Budo are tough.

Modern Martial Arts are practiced after 1868 and based on the method Shin-Bujutsu.

‘New Way’ known as "Shin-Budo"(modern martial arts)

The Modern Martial Arts are Officially approved methods of Hand-to-hand Combat for people authorized by the Government to deal with offenders against the social order.

The term "SHIN-BUDO"is a generic word that simply means "the true and original"path of fighting.It is a workout of sweat and spirit, heightening your awareness of body ,mind and spirit.(-means "Way of Mind & Body")

KARATE-JUTSU: is before Karate Do.

It is the old style of Karate of Okinawa is in Japanese language.


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