Monday, 14 May 2012

International Combat Martial Arts
Martial Arts: literally meaning is the “Arts of War” But usually referred as “Fighting Arts” are system of codified practice and traditions of Combat Martial Arts is a practice of Ninjustu, Karate and other different fighting style, It is simply just term used to classify all of them.
Martial Arts known as any of several arts of “Combat and Self Defence” it is a composite of method, technique, philosophy and ideology that defines a system of physical and mental. The Self Defence methods presented in these courses are dangerous and must be practised with powers at mere provocation; Use those methods to defend yourself or someone you believe to be in danger of physical harm.                                                                                                       
Empty unarmed hands: involves the control of the natural body tension, for a slit second your body concentrates its forces for attack at some point on your attacker’s body. The two techniques practical in Self Defence are throwing and falling. Oriental styles of defence into a highly effective method of using the feet as weapons. Wrestling holds are practical in Self Defence situation.
Combat and Self Defence: is made of mixing of all techniques the Kicking techniques are used maximum lower level of the body. The techniques of Combat are used on the weak points of the body (pressure point) there are 44 weak points are in the body located at all the joints of the bones, the nerves carry the blood to circulated towards the body. If the circulation of the blood is stop by using the pressure point automatically your body stop working it becomes loose and you don’t have power to fight, this technique is used in Combat –“Budo Ninjustu/Nepal Arts” It has a strict training with cool mind like the Army & Police training. Weapons are used in this art, but only for Self Defence not to kill or get injured.
                                      By Dai Soke (Guru)Prof/Dr.Jagdish Singh Khatri (PhD) FIMAS/IGF-UK

                                                                                 [Meijin/12th Dan Red/Gold Belt/Kancho]

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