Friday, 7 June 2013

Kendo - The Way of the Sword

KENDO – The Way of the Sword

Kendo: meaning "Way of the Sword" is a modern Japanese Martial Art, which descended from traditional swordsmanship (Kenjutsu) and use bamboo swords (Shinai) and protective armour (Bogu).

All Japan Kendo Federation was founded in 1952,

International Kendo Federation (FIK) was founded in April 1970.

Concept: The concept of kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (sword).

Purpose: the purpose of practicing kendo is to mould the mind and body ,to cultivate a vigorous spirit and through correct and rigid training. To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo, hold in esteem human courtesy and   honour, and to associate with others with sincerity and forever pursue the cultivation of one self.

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