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North India and South India Martial Arts

North India  - Martial Arts of India
1) Gatka is a weapon- based style used by Punjabi
people adapted from Shastra Vidya.
2) Lathi is a style of cane fighting originally
practiced by village herdmen.
3) Mardani Khel is  an armed method created by the
Marathas of Maharashtra.
4) Musti  Yuddha is a style of Kickboxing,popular
in the Middle Ages but now confined to Varanasi.
5) Pari-Khanda is a style of Sword and shield fighting
from Bihar.
6) Thang - ta or huyen lalong is an armed system
created by the Meitei of Manipur.

South India - Martial Arts of India
1) Kalaripayat has its roots in the combat training
hall (payattu kalari) of Tamilakam's traditional educational system.
2) Paika akhada was a weapon-based system formerly
practiced by the Warriors of Orissa.
3) Silambam is a weapon- based style from Tamil Nadu
which focuses on the bamboo staff.
4) Kuttu Varisai is the unarmed component of Silambam,
a Dravidan martial art from Tamil Nadu in South India but also practised by the
Tamil people of Malaysia and northeast Sri Lanka.

5) Marma Ati is a component of Adi Murai "law
hittting."Varma Ati teaches methods of attack pressure points of human
body.This is a part of the art of healing and harming Varma Kalai.

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