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Dai Soke (Guru)Prof/Dr. JAGDISH SINGH KHATRI (PhD)M.A.

Many people take martial arts as a guide to their life, but very few keep on training to achieve goals in life Self –development is all you achieve in long run due to dedicated practise understanding life as martial art’s way and bringing into light in his own life is one of the martial arts teacher of Nepal.

Jagdish Singh Khatri started at the age of 7yrs with my father Master Uday Dal Singh                      
He started combat arts training with ‘Khukuri’ (Nepal knife) weapon.

Uday Dal Singh has vast experience in Hand to hand combat technique while he himself was expert in Wrestling, Judo, Karate, and the use of weapons, he imparted this training to his only son, Jagdish Singh. Like his father Jagdish Singh is having experience of combat arts.
He trained for 20yrs under his father and learned to use ‘khukuri’ (Nepal knife) as Hand to hand combat arts.

In 1996 he had taught the Nepal Police Force in Kathmandu under his Uncle Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. Motilal Bhora for the promotion of Combat Martial Arts.

He has develop this art and gave the name ‘KHUKURI MARTIAL ARTS’ known as Nepal Combat Arts which is now famous style in the name of “Budo Ninjutsu”/Nepal Combat Arts He has learned many style under many Indian, Nepali, Japanese and European Grand Master’s.  

He is a Head Family Founder of “NEPAL KHUKURI MARTIAL ARTS” 2nd Generation 'Kancho'                                                                                                                                                         


(NEPAL COMBAT ART) Of Self Defence in Martial Arts

Meaning of “BUDO NINJUTSU”

BU – means War or Fight,                                                                                                                                                                   DO –means way,

BUDO – means Warrior way,                                                                             

NIN – means patience or persistence                                                                                                                                                                  JUTSU – technique in the sense of ability

The Best way to translate “NINJUTSU” is Survival – technique.

In Nepali Language “BUDO NINJUTSU” - BUDO means Old,                                                                                                
NINJUSTU OR NINJUSTU means in your Dream,                                                                                                      
“BUDO-NINJUTSU” means the Old Art, power you to get spiritually when you are fast asleep or you are in a Dream. 

“BUDO-NINJUTSU” means Street Defence System with “Empty Hand” or Warrior way to survived by using hand or Kukri (Nepal knife) technique for Self Defence this new Martial Arts System was founded by Grandmaster Soke Jagdish Singh Khatri in 1998, as a Nepal Martial Arts, under the banner of “INTERNATIONAL COMBAT MARTIAL ARTS” and “NEPAL KHUKURI MARTIAL ARTS” or “NEPAL COMBAT ARTS”

(Guru)Soke Prof/Dr.Jagdish Singh has 40years experience in Combat Martial Arts, 30years of teaching Martial Arts in India and Nepal.

 All over the World each and every country has their Style.                                                                 
Nepal the birth place of Buddha the Father of Spiritual Martial Arts Founder has no style in Martial Arts.This is the First Nepali Combat Martial Arts Style known as “Budo-Ninjutsu” introduce by Grand Master Dai Soke (Guru) Prof/Dr. Jagdish Singh Khatri to the World Martial Arts.

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